Photo Gallery

Safety of Mooring Operations

Photographs taken during the meeting on HQS Wellington on 6th JUne 2016

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Arctic Operations - the Practicalities

Photographs taken during the "Arctic Operations" J.i.M. on board HQS Wellington, 2nd Bovember 2015

12 Photos

Autonomous Ships Conference Sept 2015

Photographs taken during the Autonomous Ships Conference in Bristol September 2015

37 Photos

Why should someone insure your ship? June 2015

Photographs taken during "Why should someone insure your ship?" evening seminar on Board HQS Wellington 1st june 2015

8 Photos

Complexity - Is the SMS still Manageable?

Photos taken during the J.I.M. "Complexity - Is the SMS still Manageable" on board HQS Wellington, 1st September 2014

7 Photos

Bridge Standardisation and Ergonomics

Photos taken during the J.I.M. "Bridge Standardisation and Ergonomics" on 2nd December 2013 on board HQS Wellington

12 Photos

21st Century Shipping Conference

Photos taken during the Conference and at the Gala Dinner in Bristol on 25th and 26th October 2013

37 Photos

Entry into Enclosed Spaces Seminar Sept 2013

Photos taken during the "Entry into Enclosed Spaces - a day of awareness, education and training" seminar held on 11th September 2013 at the SusCon campus of NW Kent College in Dartford

32 Photos

Mentoring at Sea

Held on Board HQS Wellington 29th April 2013

14 Photos

Cargo Liquefaction

Held on board HQS Wellington on 3rd December 2012

18 Photos

National Maritime Information Centre

Held on board HQS Wellington 17th October 2012

12 Photos

Generation 'Y' seminar and World Hydrography Day 2012

Images from the Gen"Y" Seminar and reception at Trinity House on 2nd October 2012. Event held in conjunction with the UKHO celebration of World Hydrography Day

24 Photos

Ship/Port Interface April 30 2012

Photographs taken during the technical meeting (Ship/Port Interface) on board HQS Wellington on 30th April 2012

6 Photos

Assessment by Simulation

Held on board HQS Wellington 6th June 2011

10 Photos

Ship/Port Interface Conference 2011

Photographs taken during conference, reception and gala dinner

39 Photos

Manning for the UK's Maritime Future

Held on board HQS Wellington 1st November 2010

6 Photos

EU Maritime Strategy until 2018

Held on board HQS Wellington 21st September 2010

4 Photos

Offshore Renewable Energy and the Mariner

Held on board HQS Wellington 10th May 2010

11 Photos

Learning from Accidents

Held on board HQS Wellington 7th December 2009

13 Photos

Terrorism, Piracy and War Risks Conference 2009

Photographs taken during the conference

24 Photos

Tank Inspections - Safety v Results

Held on board HQS Wellington 01 June 2009

9 Photos

Fatigue - Two watch ships

Held on board HQS Wellington 01 December 2008

7 Photos

Container Losses

Held on board HQS Wellington 12 May 2008

4 Photos

Pollution from Ships Conference 2007

Photographs taken during the Conference

20 Photos