About the London Branch

About Us

The London Branch of The Nautical Institute was the fourth branch of The Nautical Institute to form. It was established in October of 1972 in London England. The London Branch is currently the largest branch comprising over 700 members of the Institute’s International total of 6500. Membership of the branch is dependent on being a member of The Nautical Institute and living in or having an interest in the London Area.

London Branch Business Plan 2017 - 18

The aims of the branch are as follows:

  • Encourage recruitment of members into the Nautical Institute
  • Promote the activities and increase the membership of the London Branch
  • Co-operate with local branches of other organisations (ImarEst; RIN; RINA; HCMM;BACS) to promote a high standard of professional competence and knowledge
  • Provide support and advice to local government departments and other regulatory bodies concerned with statutory and other qualifications, and with centres of learning in the furtherance of education and training in nautical science and practice